Important Messsage about Job Corps Enrollment

Important Message about Job Corps Enrollment.  I learned last week that I (through the Niroga non-profit organization) would no longer be able to bring yoga to Job Corps due to the budget issues.  I am so sad about this.  The San Jose site let me stay on as long as possible as the students really loved the class.  As voluntary attendance numbers were as high as 26 students per class it is clear that they got something out of the class. They were breathing with attention, stretching, gaining strength and developing ways to experience balance and composure.  There was nothing like the subtle change that occurred from the beginning to the end of class – bringing a contented smile on each face as they prepared to re-enter their day.  The written feedback confirmed the visible benefits were felt by the students as well.

It is a shame that the youth of this country should suffer from adult mismanagement of the funds.  The costs of budget oversight and the minute legislation governing our public resources seem to have little impact on the actual review and control of program finances.  It is frustrating and the negative impacts are felt throughout society.

I sincerely hope that the audits and reviews will clear up the issues and allow this program to resume full force in the summer.  This is a national treasure for our under-served and vulnerable youth.


As in recovery,when we return to the basics we are safe, we are “working it” and we are in connection with our higher power. Just for today… align, inhale with purpose, cultivating the energy you need, exhale difficulties, and realign yourself with your intention. I am a woman in recovery and today I will do everything to protect my emotional, physical and spiritual sobriety.

The Urban Yoga Den

“Tadaasana, Pranayama, Sankalpa.”

There is a reason I repeat these three words each time we regroup at the top of the mat between Sun Salutations.  For me, these three elements – The Pose, The Breath and The Intention – are the basics of yoga.  Although mentioned as three unique parts of yoga’s eight-limbed system, in my practice they are inseparable.  When I align myself in Mountain Pose (Tadaasana), I firmly embody my intention (Sankalpa).  When I breathe deliberately (Pranayama), I exhale obstacles, and inhale my intention with resolve.

When I fuse these three elements together, I fortify my purpose for that session of practice – and that sense of purpose begins to trickle into my life.

(Above is an excerpt from my January 2012 Back to Basics post – repeated in its entirety, below, to summarize our January 2013 Back To Basics class focus.  Because for me, the basics of…

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